ali seckin karayol || visual communication and interaction design
Persona is a concept email client that was designed to change the perception and experience of sending and receiving emails by focusing on people, the conversations between them and the knowledge shared in emails today. It is a reaction to the paradigm of emails presented in spreadsheets seen with most email clients, where a focus on presenting data prevails over the need for a personal touch.

The Velux Frame and Share Your View platform are concepts developed for Danish window company Velux for the near future. As the population of planet Earth is becoming more urban than rural, we are losing the horizontal view little by little, but urban citizens still share the same sky with those in rural areas. The concepts developed for Velux focuses on bringing the attention to the sky that we all share while searching for possible research areas for the company.

Mesh is a wearable garden concept. It is a possible answer to the question of “ how can we create clothing that regenerates itself ”.
It is also an attempt to provoke questions about the relation between human vs. nature and the isolation that is growing bigger between these. It should be seen as citizens’ opportunity to give back to nature and to immerse them in it by wearing their own small ecosystem.